• StarShip

    $STARS is a 100% community-owned and
    decentralized utility token for a series of
    upcoming space explorations.

    Are you ready for
    your first mission?

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  • And the journey continues...

    A decade after Commander Starlord's first mission, a image transmission has been received by Starship Inu troopers. It seems Commander Starlord had deployed a satellite before all communication was lost.

    Images show a mysterious planet which looks to be inhabitable.

    Troopers begin to plan the launch of Starship in hopes of finding the commander.

    Tests of starship engines has been succesfully completed and refueling has begun.

    The second mission will be launching soon...

  • Tokenomics

    • Supply: 10T
    • 0% Fees
    • 0% Presale
    • 0% Unlocked
    • 2 ETH initial liquidity - locked for 3 years

    100% tokens went in LP initially and are locked so our Troopers fly safely.
    Keep yourself extra safe and don't use too much boost (slippage) when buying $STARS.

    $STARS is a 100% community token and the Troopers are and will be able to
    write their own future using community-made Stations.

    The first Stations might be developed and guided by the Commander
    to give the Troopers an idea of how the future may look.